Masami is bassist and track maker of the abstract unit gGUMUNA.h In creating lyrical pop and rock music, he is focused on playing exquisite music embellished with color.

 As a DJ, he has been playing as resident DJ at a weekly Wednesday eventgSpinWedesday,hand Monthly event "Rio" "Banquet" It began in April, 2003. It performs with Jonah SharpAJeff Mills, EYE (Boredoms), NUMB, KENTARO IWAKI, charichari, DJ DAIKEI, JifRock,so-ill etc. in the past.  Masami entertains guests with a flow created by a pulsating mix that is not avid but in tune with the style of the bar and dancehols.

 Also, from March of 2005, Masami is continuing his exploration of music with a new project called gngomahmade up of members playing japanese drums, African drums, bass guiter, turntables and dub effects.






  Memories Delight 1994